Cheek & Chin

Many people have a small chin – one that recedes or is not prominent enough. A small chin can make a person’s nose appear more prominent than it really is, whereas a chin that is more in harmony with other facial features can draw attention away from the nose and give the entire profile a more pleasing balance. Building up a small chin also can dramatically improve the results of a facelift.

On the other hand, a chin may protrude excessively, either because of an abnormally large “chin button” or because of a too-long jawbone..


Cheek implants (malar augmentation) can improve facial harmony by giving greater definition to the cheekbones, achieving better balance with the rest of a person’s face.

Chin augmentation (mentoplasty) is an operation that changes a person’s profile by bringing out the chin.

Chin reduction surgery, which involves removing excess bone from the chin button, may provide an improvement when the chin protrudes excessively.

If the problem is not the chin itself, but rather excess skin that has collected under the chin, a facelift may be necessary rather than chin surgery..

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